Code of Conduct for Athletes

As an athlete and participant in competitive snowsport competitions I agree to follow the Athlete’s Code of Conduct as given below:

• I will show respect to coaches at all times
• I will respect officials and volunteers involved in snowsports and understand participation in snowsports is only possible due to the time volunteers give freely to help myself and other children
• I will show respect to my racing colleagues and other snowsport athletes
• I will not be involved in any bullying or practice that can be deemed as bullying
• I will demonstrate sporting behaviour with race results and decisions made
• I will demonstrate sporting behaviour in all my activities and promote good sportsmanship, being modest in victory and gracious in defeat
• I will act in a manner at all times that does not bring myself or my sport into disrepute during ski races and practice/training sessions
• I will attend and present for prize giving ceremonies should I be a prize winner unless circumstances do not allow me
• I will not enter into relationships with other athletes on the Team while on training and race camps
• I will read, understand and agree to the BSS Drugs and Doping policy
• I will not use prohibited or recreational drugs, as defined by WADA
• I will not use the internet, phone or other electronic device to make derogatory remarks about other racers, teams, officials, clubs or anything related to snowsports that could bring the sport into disrepute
• I will abide by SSE Anti-bribery policy

The harmful effects of smoking cigarettes and the consumption of alcohol are well recognized and can debilitate the performance of racers. Snowsport England actively discourages the consumption of these Stan stances during race events and training.

I understand that disciplinary action may be imposed for breach of rules or for reasons of behavior. Any action will depend on the type and seriousness of any breach of rules or behaviour, but may be accompanied by a verbal warning and/or written warning as necessary except in the case of an action of gross misconduct. I understand athletes shall have the right to appeal all such measures to the race organisers/Club in the first instance then the Committee via the Athletes Representative within 3 months of disputed disciplinary measure.

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