Code of Conduct and Ethics for Coaches

Coaches play a crucial role in the development of any sport and in the lives of performers that they coach. Good coaches ensure that participants in snowsports have positive experiences and are therefore more likely to continue and achieve their potential. Coaching, as an emerging profession, must demonstrate at all levels a high degree of honesty, integrity and competence. The need for coaches to understand and act upon their responsibilities is of crucial importance to snowsports, as is the need to protect the key concept of participation for fun and enjoyment as well as achievement. This is implicit within good coaching practice and promotes a professional image of the good practitioner. This Code of Practice defines all that is best in good coaching practice:

Coaches must

  • Promote the welfare and best interests of their performers
  • Assist in the creation of an environment where every individual has the opportunity to participate in snowsports
  • Create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment for all participants, parents, volunteers officials and coaches
  • Ensure that the activities they direct or advocate are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the participant
  • Recognise the rights of all performers to be treated as individuals
  • Recognise the rights of performers to confer with other coaches and experts
  • Promote the concept of a balance lifestyle, supporting the wellbeing of the performer both in and out of snowsports
  • Not engage in behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, bullying – both on line or face to face)
  • Avoid sexual intimacy with performers either while coaching them or in the period of time immediately following the end of the coaching relationship
  • Take action if they have a concern about the behaviour of an adult towards a child by report this to the Club Welfare Officer
  • Empower performers to be responsible for their own decisions
  • Clarify the nature of the coaching services being offered to performers
  • Communicate and co-operate with other organisations and individuals in the best interests of performers
  • Be fair honest and considerate to performers and others in snowsports
  • Be positive role models for performers at all time
  • Promote the execution of safe and correct practice ensuring the environment is as safe as possible, taking into account and minimizing possible risks
  • Be professional and accept responsibility for their actions
  • Make a commitment to providing a quality service to their performers
  • Actively promote the positive benefits to society of participation in snowsports, including the positive contribution snowsports can make to achieving improved outcomes for children and young people
  • Contribute to the development of coaching as a profession by exchanging knowledge and ideas with others and by working in partnership with other agencies and professionals
  • Not use or tolerate the use of inappropriate language
  • Gain coaching qualification appropriate to the level at which they coach
  • Hold an up to date recognized Governing Body license, and operate within Snowsport England’s Governing Body’s guidelines
  • Comply with Snow Safe, SSE’s Policy for Safeguarding Children
  • Abide by the SSE Coaches Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Abide by the SSE Anti-Bribery Policy
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