Chatham Race Club Constitution

1. THE CLUB shall be known as Chatham Race Club.

2. THE ADDRESS will be that of the Secretary currently in the office.

3. THE AIM is:

  • To widen access to the sport of ski racing to everyone.
  • To develop and promote local ski racing talent by providing training sessions with experienced ski race trainers.
  • To provide information about races on both plastic slopes and snow and put racers in touch with other useful sources of help, information and training to develop their racing performance.

4. THE MEMBERSHIP is open to all skiers of a suitable standard agreed by the race club committee unanimously, regardless of ethnic origin, disability or age. Proposed new members will need to be nominated and seconded by existing club members. Nominator and seconder must have been club members for at least one year and may not be relatives of proposed new member.

  • Members will be recruited by keeping an open line of communication between the Ski Centre’s ski lesson trainers and the race club trainers in order to encourage those individuals who show
    the potential to benefit from ski race training.
  • All members will be expected to race for Chatham Race Club and show commitment to it.

5. THE OFFICERS of the club shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer.

6. THE COMMITTEE of the club:

  • Shall consist of the officers and other members. The term of office will be 1 year and will be reviewed at the AGM where the position will be open for re-election/election.
  • Shall have the powers to co-opt replacement or additional committee members as necessary.
  • Shall be elected annually at the AGM to be held in December.
  • Shall, in the event of a committee member retiring from the committee, elect a replacement.
  • May refuse to accept an individual to the club or terminate membership if it would be demonstrably in the best interests of the Club to do so.
  • Will produce minutes to be kept by the Secretary.
  • Shall ensure that an income and expenditure account and balance sheet is prepared annually.
  • The decision of the committee shall be binding.


  • To follow the aims of the club and develop the club for the benefit of all members.
  • They will be expected to attend regular meetings and look after the interests of the club and all its members.
  • If at any time a committee member is unable to fulfil their responsibility for whatever reason, they should resign from the committee enabling another member to take their place.


  • To abide by the club constitution and the rules of the Ski Centre relating to the use of the Ski Slope.
  • All members must behave with good sportsmanship in both training sessions and at races.
  • All members must respect their coaches, coaching assistants and anyone involved in race day organisation.
  • It is the responsibility of members to be aware of health and safety rules applying as contained in the Health and Safety book published by Snowsport England which may be obtained from the Secretary.


  • The committee will meet with such frequency as is necessary in order to deal with the affairs of the club.
  • Once a year there will be an Annual General Meeting at which the members will be present and will review the accounts, elect/re-elect committee members, pass any resolutions and agree to
    amendments in the constitution and rules of the club by a majority decision.
  • Only members who have paid charges up to date may vote at an Annual General or Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Voting will be by majority of those present or who have delivered their votes by proxy. The minimum age for voting is 18, parents representing the vote of minors who are ineligible to vote.
  • At least one month’s notice must be given for the Annual General Meeting.
  • No other meetings shall be held to seek to deal with club matters unless through normal committee meetings.
  • An Extraordinary Meeting may be requisitioned, if at least 25% of the members request this. This request should be addressed in writing to the Chairman stating the reason for the meeting. The Secretary shall call a meeting within one month of receiving the request.


  • The Club’s year runs from 1st November to 31st October.
  • Charges for training will be based on coaching costs incurred by the club plus the charge levied by the centre for use of the slope.


  • All funds held in any bank or any other forms of accounts or investments or assets, belong to the current membership.
  • Assets will be purchased for general use by the club and agreed by the committee in consultation with the club.
  • If the club is dissolved, then the funds and the proceeds from the sale of assets may be transferred to Snowsport England.


  • The committee has the responsibility to select appropriate and qualified ski coaches taking into account members wishes.
  • All coaches’ licences and insurance must be kept up to date and be presented to the committee for inspection.
  • Coaching will be split into groups depending upon current skills and ability. These groups will be selected by the committee and there should be no parental interference in this or any other aspect of the coaching.
  • The allocation of club sessions will be subject to change and agreed between club and Ski Centre.


  • The club will be affiliated to London and South Eastern Region Ski Association and Snowsport England.
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